I'm Kyla, I took over The Nappy Spot from Amber back in February 2011. I’m a stay at home mum with a young son who is in mostly full time cloth. I write here and over at Beyond the Bump where we review and give away products for mums, babies and young children.

There are loads of reasons for using cloth nappies, from the economical to the environmental. I use cloth because of reported links between disposable use and infertility later in life. We have struggled and fought to bring our son into this world and we are currently fighting to get him a sibling, it’s a horrid process that turns something beautiful (creating a new life) into a regimented process of needles, blood tests, exams, operations and petri dishes. I don’t wish that on anyone and there is no way I want it for my children.

I believe life is about balance, I use mostly modern cloth on my son but we also use pre-folds, flats, eco-disposables, hybrids and on a rare occasion conventional disposables. I think there’s a system out there for everyone and you don’t have to totally embrace cloth to benefit from it. I know of people who use cloth but throw away the liners and wipes which is not the greenest option and I know of people who use cloth nappies, cloth wipes & a scraper and both methods are ok, to me even one less bum a day sitting in nasty chemicals is a good thing.

How you nappy your child is your choice, but a choice is easier to make with information. I hope that I can bring you some honest reviews, new finds, discounts and giveaways.

I’m Natalie, a stay-at-home mum to a little girl, born December 2010. We use cloth nearly full-time during the day, with eco-disposables at night (I’m willing to be converted to night nappy use though!). When I was pregnant and people found out I intended to use cloth on my baby, the responses were mixed, with many doubting that I’d stick with it long term. Convinced of the benefits of cloth, I popped the first MCN on my daughter the day I bought her home from hospital and we haven’t looked back since.

My initial reason choosing cloth was the desire to not be throwing my money and non-biodegradable resources out with the rubbish each day. Since then I have learnt of the health benefits of cloth, and having also tried mama cloth (breast and menstrual pads), I know that it’s so much more comfortable to have natural fibres rather than plastic against your skin. And with the gorgeous prints and fabrics available with MCN’s now, cloth nappies are also a fashion item in themselves!

I’d love for everyone to be using cloth nappies, be it full-time, day-time, or just at home. There are so many options available, with styles, fabrics and prices to suit different people and situations. I hope you enjoy reading about our experiences, and that we can learn more from each other as we go along.